Magic Bottleless Hot & Cold Water Dispenser

 Why switch to Pure Flow Hot & Cold Water Purifier …
1.    Point of Use Filtration, Fresh and Healthy Alkaline Water
2.    Unlimited supply of drinking water instead of buying 5 gallons of bottled water.
3.    Inconvenient have to carry and put 5 gallons of bottled water to the dispenser every now and then. Hot or Cold Alkaline water at a press of a button.
4.    No bulky water containers, hassle and irritating in waiting for water delivery and endure your thirst.
5.    Plastic Bottles are good for 3 uses only. Water in plastic bottles should not be exposing in sunlight, which cannot be avoided during travel time of delivery.
6.    Water dispenser is good up to 4 cups of hot water and glasses of cold water.


 1. SEDIMENT FILTER – removes the bigger size particles like 5 microns or larger size
      foreign substance in the water. (3 mos.)
2.  PRE-CARBON FILTER – removes the harmful chemicals, carcinogens and chlorine,
     from the water. (6 mos.)
3.  POST CARBON – improves the taste of the water. (9 mos.)
4.  ULTRA FILTRATION (UF) MEMBRANE – removes the microscopic (smallest up to 0.01 micron) pollutant of the water and preserves
     the useful minerals of the water. (12 mos.)
5. ALKALINE FILTER – makes normal water into alkaline. It neutralizes acid in our body. (9 mos.)

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