About Us

PURE FLOW WATER SYSTEMS,  INC.  is organized as a principal technology based company engaged in the design and construction of water treatment facilities. It is our goal to assist and serve our customers in a responsible approach by providing solutions and system designs that are highly efficient and compact. We introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers of Water, Waste Water Treatment and Desalination Technologies since 1997, with over a decade of experience in the field of Water Treatment.
The company gained prominence in water treatment  turn key projects. In the process ,  PURE FLOW WATER SYSTEMS, INC. through long years of experience, enhanced its technical expertise in water treatment engineering designs. Our reputation is built in the design and construction of high quality, state of the art water treatment systems and it is our commitment to always provide you with excellent technical service and support.
PURE FLOW WATER SYSTEMS, INC. as a professional company has the edge in knowing precisely what industries require in order to operate systems optimally and profitably.
In summary, the industrial background and long experience of  PUREFLOW WATER SYSTEMS, INC., supported by strong technical staff equipped with trainings, seminars and actual experienced in the U.S.A. allowed us to build and supply a real package for all your industrial requirements.

PURE FLOW, the "most outstanding water purifier" according to the Philippine Marketing Excellence Awards and continues to garner like awards, is proud to offer you our quality service and assistance, and walk you through the sure path to success in the water refilling business thru the application of the newest and latest technology in water filtration to assure consumers not only of quality (which is always emphasized), but drinking water purity "at its best", as well.

PURE FLOW has been a dealer of high-quality, state-of-the-art Reverse Osmosis components since 1997. Our reputation is built on distributing consistently high quality components with a commitment to giving you excellent support as a business partner in the rapidly growing industry of Water Stations and Water Purification for residential and commercial purpose.

PURE FLOW is engaged in providing a complete Water Store franchise package that includes a Multi-Stage Reverse Osmosis Purification System that is made in the U.S.A., a complete Business portfolio and Technical Support from our trained experts which guarantees a smooth operation of your Water Store business.

PURE FLOW is also a dealer of Water Purification components for residential, commercial and industrial applications. We carry everything from filters and membrane housings to automatic shut off valves, filter cartridges, media's and everything in between.

At PURE FLOW... you get only high quality products with excellent service.